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Nappy Review - Seedling Baby Sizeless pocket nappy with snaps

Seedling baby nappy review from November 2011 - keep your eyes out for an update of this post with new fitting info and other stuff seedling baby are working on at their blog :)

So I decided that I might use this blog to talk some more about nappies and even review some of the nappies I've tried. I'm going to start with my latest newby, the seedling baby sizeless which is a osfm (one size fits most) pocket nappy with snaps (luckily - as Miss Pie thinks velcro is great fun to pull open at the moment!)

Now I was lucky enough to score this nappy for FREE when Seedling Baby did some very very generous giveaways recently but I've been eyeing them for months wanting to buy one! I think its the gingham that really drew me - its just so dang cute and unique!!!! And I've been tossing up between the red and the black, (even though I have maybe 8 black nappies and 6 red nappies!!!!) but the gorgeous freebie I got was yellow! This actually works out perfectly as I would have never bought yellow and it is gorgeous and Pie looks awesome in yellow too, see:

So a little about the nappy as described at
The Seedling Baby Sizeless Pocket nappy is a one-size modern cloth nappy designed with busy parents in mind. While we haven’t reinvented the wheel, we did want to develop a nappy that is simple to use by Mum, Dad, Grandma and carers.
We realized there was a niche in the market for a pocket style one-size, double-gusseted nappying system that is simple to use, effective, fast drying, cute and affordable.
We like to give you, the primary nappy-changer, the option of closure type, so our nappies are available in either snap or hook and loop (Velcro) closure.
We think gingham goes with anything and our first four colours are gender neutral, with more gender specific colours set for release throughout 2011.

(Note: now have all 3 other colours headed my way - Jodi 16/11/2011)

So now for my say: lets start with the outside -
The fabric is lovely! Seriously, my mum has been raving about this nappy since she laid eyes and hands on it! A gorgeous crisp gingham in an almost mustard yellow and white with matching yellow trim. It has 4 height or rise settings and a double row of snaps around the waist to stop wing droopage (Hallelujah cos I hate wing droopage and think double snaps make them fit so much nicer!) It elasticated at the legs and back but not the front so it sits very flat at the front. The crotch is fairly trim so it fits really well and although I didn't bother hiding putting it under clothes, it looks trim enough to fit nicely in pants.

The gusset is the first one like it thats I've ever seen - don't get me wrong, I'm not saying its the only gusset like this in a nappy, its just the only one I've seen! Its deep - about an inch at the deepest point so it hugs thighs beautifully to avoid legs leaks, but on the inside its also really soft, so the gussets dont leave nasty red marks from all the work they are doing keeping those chubby/skinny/inbetweeny thighs dry! And the entire nappy is lined with the same extra soft, snuggly, white fabric - I just wish I could curl up and have a snooze in the lining of this nappy, its so, so soft!!! Inside we find a pocket and when you reach in and pull out the contents of that pocket you will find not 1 but 2 bamboo cotton blend inserts: 1 long hour glass shaped insert and a snap on piggy back booster. And let me tell you, they are soft and fluffy and look to be thick and thirsty!!! I can't say too much about the absorbency yet - Pie only had hers on about an hour and a half when she decided to christen that lovely fluffy crisp white lining! And of course Mummy forgot to put a flushable liner in when she was too busy admiring the beautiful lining while we put this one on :(
Now the one thing that I will say is that the boosters are quite tight to get in. But I don't really see this as a negative - the entire inside of the nappy is full when you use both inserts (and even with just the one it would be filled to the edges perfectly as its the perfect width) so there is none of the sliding around you can get with some inserts and pocket nappies, it stays firmly in place doing exactly what you want it to be doing! It just takes a little practice to get the inserts in, nice and flat, but there is an instructional video on seedling baby's website if you get really stuck! Also the opening of the pocket doesnt have an extra flap to close it off completely which I wasn't a fan of when I first saw this. But I soon came around, its sewn so well that the pocket edges stay together nicely and theres no worries of the inserts crawling up the back as can happen with some pockets.

Over all, I am a HUGE fan of this nappy and have decided I want it in ALL the colours!!! And right now there is a fabulous XMas pack available at Seedling baby retailers which includes 1 red and 1 green seedling baby sizeless pocket nappy, bundled together with a gift tag and candy cane (so its ready for gifting!) for just $30 - I think that these 2 seedling nappies along with the itti bitti galaxy limited ed print will have Pie all sorted for Xmas nappies :) We've got them all heading our way from the lovely people at (Plus I've made her one and will probably make another 1 or 2 so we can be sure she will be covered for the entire day :)

Head over to facebook
and their website
to check them out and find out where to get yours!

Jodi xo

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